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Bummer/Pinko - "Split" Stream

Sam Hutchinson of Bummer
Greek drama might not be the first thing that comes to mind when first experiencing Kansas City noise rock band Bummer, but the similarities between the two are clear to anyone paying close enough attention. Comedy and tragedy were the two main genres to emerge from ancient Greek theatre and both are front and center on the band's new split with Pinko.

Witty song titles like "Birthday Snake" and "Batallica" entertain those gazing at the tracklist. The band may have the goofiest music videos in town. Guitarist and vocalist Matt Perrin even makes Bummer show veterans and first-timers alike chuckle by blasting Enya's "Only Time" before the band plays. The comedy is abundant.

Part of the tragedy is in Perrin's lyrics. "Freedom Cobra" consists almost completely of three-syllable-long howls. The vocal track on "Bossk Hogg" is a bit less intense, but still difficult to discern. A quick read-through reveals heavy themes; cynicism and despair run amok. Each song grows more nihilistic than the last.

The other tragedy happens when you listen to Bummer's side of the split at full volume. Your eardrums might not make it. The band's potent cocktail of modern noise rock and 20th century grunge hits listeners like a brick and gives them little time to recover. The instrumentation is a dynamic mix of neanderthal riffing, sliding bass lines, and mid-paced, less-is-more drumming.

Matt Perrin and bassist Mike Gustafson have been writing songs together for over five years and the progress they've made since their band Vestibule's lone release is astounding to say the least. This split is a testament to that; a vicious recording proving that Bummer is a force to be reckoned with. Comedy and tragedy collide.

Stream and download the Bummer's side of the split below. Buy it on cassette or vinyl from High Dive Records.

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