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Photo Gallery: Gazm / Nitecrawlers at The Blind Tiger

Bad Bill of Nitecrawlers
Montreal's nastiest hardcore band stopped in Kansas City on Sunday night while beginning to round out a monthlong tour of the states. Gazm hung a red banner featuring their name scrawled in graffiti lettering behind the drums. Much like the New York groups of the early nineties that this piece of imagery mimicked, the band incorporated heavy metal riffs and glorious two-step mosh parts into snarling hardcore jams. The show only drew around 20 attendees, but those standing up front couldn't seem to get enough. Nitecrawlers opened the show in their own freaky, more-punk-than-hardcore style. Despite being briefly derailed by a broken guitar string, the band had a solid outing and is continuing to tighten its live performance. Singer Kayla Haubenschild also debuted a new mask fashioned out of a plastic bag. Seeing this band closer to Halloween should be a treat.

Full photo gallery here.

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