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Unforgiven Five - "Demo 2017" Stream

Unforgiven Five's demo has been one of the Kansas City punk scene's most anticipated releases this year. The bona fide supergroup features members of Chasm, Mentira, Warm Bodies, and over a dozen other local groups, past and present. The band's sound is complementary to Chasm's stoner rock witchcraft, but goes out of its way to explore territory that local rockers aren't used to hearing.

Many influences can be heard among these four songs, but the most prevalent seem to be from the British heavy metal of the early seventies (a la Black Sabbath and Deep Purple) and the American proto-punk bands of the same era (MC5 and The Stooges). Raw, engine-revving rock-n-roll power is what drives the music of Unforgiven Five, propelling each song through a series of twists, turns, and tempo changes. The songwriting and instrumental performances on this recording are worthy of high praise, but scene veteran Libby Zanders' debut as a tenacious and talented frontwoman is arguably the  most exciting element of the band for many hometown listeners.

Stream and download the demo below.

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