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Warm Bodies - "My Burning Love" Stream

Olivia Gibb and Jordan Carr of Warm Bodies at last year's Crossroads Flock Party
Warm Bodies is Kansas City's hottest punk band. Since its inception in early 2016, the band has released a demo tape (that was later repressed by a Brazilian tape label and pressed on vinyl by a California label), two tour tapes, and two live releases. In addition to this flurry of physical releases, the band has already toured a multiple regions of the United States and cultivated a ravenous fanbase among its DIY punk scenes. To kick off what should be a fruitful year for the band, the newly minted San Francisco punk label Thrilling Living has released Warm Bodies' first formal EP "My Burning Love."

Guitarist Ian Teeple and bassist Jordan Carr have an uncanny knack for writing twisting, molten riffs. The EP's first song "Charmer" showcases that skill. When two players are this talented at their craft, it's easy to end up showboating, but Teeple and Carr are smarter than that, never allowing any composition of theirs to become bloated or unfocused (the four song EP's run time is a healthy nine minutes).

Everyone knows that a band is only as good as its drummer, so perhaps Gabe Coppage is why Warm Bodies is more than just good. Coppage's speedy and intricate fills would likely trip up any other drummer daring enough to attempt them.

On top of Teeple and Carr's shredding and Coppage's chameleonic drumming, Olivia Gibb's vocals echo across each track in a style that is completely her own. Gibb's range reaches from impassioned shrieks to snide howls, but the listener never knows what they're going to get until it smacks them in the face.

One could discuss the merits of each member's contributions to "My Burning Love" all day long, but let it be known that Warm Bodies have assembled one of the most remarkable and scorching slabs of vinyl that Kansas City has ever heard.

Listen to and download "My Burning Love" below. Order the record from Thrilling Living here.

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