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Rich The Kid Concert Review

Rich The Kid
February 3rd, 2017
The Granada - Lawrence, KS

Rich The Kid
Frequent Migos collaborator and exuberant internet rapstar Rich The Kid touched down in Lawrence, Kansas on Friday night. After entering the Granada stage spraying a large bottle of champagne on the crowd, the Atlanta via Queens rapper performed half an hour of viral singles ("Plug Callin'," "Plug," "I Don't Care"), feature verses ("WDYW,"), and an unreleased song off his upcoming Rich Forever 3 mixtape ("Freezer").

Rory Fresco
Rich often found himself too preoccupied with snapping photos on his fans' cellphones to perform at his peak, but the set was plenty energetic in the moments when he had gained momentum. The show also featured Jay Critch and M. Riich performing short opening sets before returning for one song each with Rich.

Kansas City teenager and Epic Records signee Rory Fresco stood larger than life at Friday night's show. After making short appearances at a small handful of other local shows, Fresco's set on this evening was his most thought-out and momentous yet. Fresco's half hour of power kicked off with an explosive performance of "Uber Thru The Hills" with Dettsa. Fresco was accompanied by a keytar player throughout the set, adding throwback rockstar flair to the otherwise-modern songs. His onstage posse also included SuperShaqGonzoe, who produced Fresco's upcoming single "Lottery." The song was debuted to instant approval from the crowd -- who multiple times caught stagediving rappers.

Aaron Alexander
Fresco employed the fan cellphone gimmick during his performance as well, but it is more forgivable in his case as he hopes to build a stronger hometown following. This was also made clear in moments where he brought audience members on stage to be sung to or dance with. When he wasn't in popstar mode, Fresco's rapping and singing was on point. His microphone was filtered to make his voice sound autotuned, adding another layer to the already-complex performance. Oversized beach balls and a quick synchronized dance kept the mood lighthearted before the set was closed with back-to-back renditions of his blockbuster hit "Lowkey." The crowd size was much smaller than when Shaq and Fresco took the stage before Lil Uzi Vert, but their performance on Friday night proved to be more ambitious, resulting in one of the most outrageously entertaining local hip-hop sets the area has seen in years.

Shuttlecock Music Showcase alumnus Aaron Alexander opened the show. The newly-merged camps of Alexander and Zarin Micheal watched from the stage as Alexander played to an audience of several hundred -- his largest yet. The smiling rapper performed bright, artful cuts from his "Radiant Child" mixtape, smoothly interspersed between new tracks from his upcoming release "Memento Mori." More agreeable crowds would have appreciated "Forever Ignant," a laid-back track that features an intoxicating guitar lick hook, but a party-hungry Rich The Kid audience simply wasn't prepared to groove #TheAaronAlexanderWay.

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