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An Interview with Dettsa

Dettsa performing at last year's IndyFest all ages show
Dettsa is another name that can be added to the growing list of Kansas City rappers on the verge of fame and success. Dettsa dropped his first mixtape, titled "Who Listens When God Doesn't," in 2015. Since then he has been honing his craft and dropping the occasional single.

Now working closely with his cousin Rory Fresco and a small handful of talented producers -- including JudgeBeats and Bam Keith -- Dettsa is preparing to take his dense, rugged raps and "pretty boy" image to an entirely new level. If his single "Uber Thru The Hills" (a Rory Fresco collaboration) is any indicator of what's to come, Dettsa may soon have the rap game in his pocket. 

How long have you been rapping and releasing music?

Just been releasing music since 2016. Dropped a project for fun in 2015.

What does the phrase "81Sexy" mean to you?

81Sexy is not only the area 816, but also stands for being a pretty boy, so I just combined the two.

What part of the city are you from and how has it affected your music?

I'm from the inner city, 27th & Wabash, but moved out south and grew up out there, but was always back in the inner city with a lot of fam and friends. Growing up in the city, you see alot of shit and you shape yo life based off what you see. You either gon' be in that gang shit or fall back from it. I was always a goofy lil' dude growing up, so I never really took part in all that, although I am a product of my environment. I was more worried about things like shoes, clothes, music, and girls, so I never really fell into the crowd of doing a bunch of gangbanging.

Your song "One And Only" samples and references Fat Tone. What kind of influence does he have on you?

Being from KC, you gotta respect Fat Tone. I grew up listening to dude heavily, plus it's hard not to be inspired by him 'cause at every party you go to in KC they play him.

How would you say your sound has changed since your mixtape "Who Listens When God Doesn't?"

"Who Listens When God Doesn't" was for fun. I wasnt really taking music seriously, just did it because my friends wanted to hear me on in they cars. Know that I have matured and created a sound for myself. You will be able to tell the difference because it's not a bunch of tracks thrown together, although I feel it does have good music on the project itsself.

How did you first meet Rory Fresco and start working with him? What is the creative process like when you guys get together?

Rory is fam. Literally cousins. Been knowing him, but we really linked through a couple people. We work off motivation. If we see something we want, it makes us grind harder to achieve that, and we look for a constant reminder to grind harder every day to make better music. We aren't giving up and that's the biggest thing about us, no matter the situation.

What should listeners expect from you in 2017?

In 2017, expect new. I will touch a lot of ground and you will see who I really am, along with what I'm about.

Follow Dettsa on Twitter and hear his music on SoundCloud

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