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Photo Gallery: Every Time I Die/Knocked Loose/Harm's Way/Eternal Sleep at The Granada

Every Time I Die
After prematurely announcing that the tour was taking place back in December, The Granada hosted one of its most ignorant evenings of hardcore and metal all year. New York metalcore band Every Time I Die has been making music since 1998 and are still selling albums and touring to massive audiences. In the shadow of their brightly lit signature "I," the group quickly transformed the theater's stage into a runway. Fearless fans were launched off into the crowd for nearly an hour and a half as the band expertly chugged away.

Support for the show included Knocked Loose -- a Kentucky hardcore band hot off their debut LP. The four-piece band's focus is on constructing the most bloodthirsty breakdowns they can muster, backed by angst-ridden shout-along choruses. One song's breakdown is so vicious that vocalist Bryan Garris can't help but bark like a pitbull before it comes crashing down.

Chicago veterans Harm's Way preceded Knocked Loose, playing a half hour set consisting largely of material from their most recent album "Rust." Pittsburg metallic hardcore act Eternal Sleep opened the show.

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