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Photo Gallery: American Hate / Tiffani / Mentira / Anti-Seed at The Snake Tank

Ross Adams of American Hate
The most powerful punk band in Oklahoma, American Hate, returned to Kansas City on Friday night touting their new LP called "Our Love Is Real." The new record includes added instrumentation like saxophones and keys, but the band's four-piece touring lineup proved sturdy enough. More than one song the band performed contained moments of freeform jazz, but before any punks could become too disinterested, the band would blast right back into the muddy Midwest hardcore they love.

Tiffani was the evening's other touring act. The Minneapolis trio dished out fairly standard hardcore punk tunes, but what stood out most was the band's undeniable attitude. The band's guitarist/vocalist even made a tongue-in-cheek declaration about hating "female fronted hardcore" after a less-than-enthusiastic crowd response.

Mentira tried out some new material from an upcoming 7-inch and managed to out-perform almost every band in Kansas City, even as guitarist Dakota Shipp soldiered on with a broken string. Anti-Seed closed the show with a set that often eschewed any type of rhythm, but won some smiles via their matching tracksuits.

Full photo gallery here.

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