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Killakee Kat - "Katz Are Back In Town" Stream

The cat's out of the bag: one of Kansas City's hottest punk bands is back with some new tunes. "Katz Are Back In Town" is the fifth Killakee Kat EP released and the second to be recorded as a full band. Bennett Weaver and company have upped their game once again and dropped four new tracks that are more inventive than ever, but just as pissed as before.

Killakee Kat's songs have always been heavy on the meat and potatoes of hardcore -- Weaver knows the fundamentals. Classic Midwest hardcore groups like Die Kreuzen and Articles Of Faith, however, began writing more complex songs as they reached their first LPs. That's just what is happening here.

"Scum Of The Earth" begins as a standard rock-n-roll ripper, but midway through changes pace and slowly spirals down until it meets its grim, feedback-ridden demise. "In Love," the EP's final track, ends in a similar way. The song careens from an off-the-rails guitar solo into a slow, eerie halt, like a machine with gears growing too rusty to turn.

Whether or not the band's followers like it (although they probably will), Killakee Kat will likely continue to evolve into a more dynamic band with each release. And the fact that the band is still so young and already growing with such momentum is something truly exciting to witness.

Stream and download "Katz Are Back In Town" below.

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