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Jarek Recommends: Maxo Kream's Maxo 187

[Editor's note] This is the first edition of SHUTTLECOCK's first column, "Jarek Recommends". My friend Jearoslawve Pendowski aka Jarek Mitchell aka a real-ass goon, will be dropping by to let you know about an album he's listening to and why you're stupid for not having heard about it yet. So here it is, welcome aboard the 'COCK, Jarek.

Hailing from Houston, Texas, Maxo Kream has released a new project entitled Maxo 187. Having been in the game for a few years now, Maxo’s hustle only gets harder. Straying from the path of traditional Houston rap, Maxo gives his trap-inspired music a dark edge with his tough lyrical content and ominous beats, while also showing plenty of respect to the classics (most notably DJ Screw, who is actually sampled at the end of “1998”).

The feature list is far from unimpressive, with people of the likes of Father on “Cell Boomin”, Joey Bada$$ on “1998”, Fredo Santana on “Issues”, and several other rappers in the Houston scene right now. Getting these artists only emphasizes that this release can get dark with its subject matter. Maxo goes into subjects ranging from his childhood to the drugs and paranoia that come with his lifestyle. This subject matter along with the gruff, grimey production on all of these tracks leave the listener with a feeling of what life in modern day Houston can be like.

Streaming in its entirety for free on his website and on LiveMixtapes, Maxo 187 begs your listen, but not your approval. Maxo gives you one hell of a project and one of the best trap releases yet this year. Houston is back.

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