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Sittin' Down, Talkin' 'Bout It: Episode 002 - Bailey, Bev Esther, Lauren

Sittin' Down, Talkin' 'Bout It is a new comedy/talk podcast from Shuttlecock hosted by Sophie Hart and Amanda Roseman. This dynamic DIY scene duo will be interviewing local musicians and showgoers about music and topics far more wacky and gross (this podcast is NSFW, unless your boss is cool as hell). Be on the lookout for appearances from some special characters, too. Wish you had cool rocker friends to hang out and drink beers with? Just tune in to SDTBI every two weeks to pretend like you do!

Episode two features appearances from friends of the podcast Bailey, Bev Esther, Lauren, and Hot Santa. Topics/segments include: weird library happenings, astrology posers, dating before friendship, bad date stories, annoying Tinder matches, good music to dance to alone, and some pretty wild games of What Does It Mean? and Hot Or Not.

Listen and subscribe on YouTube, Apple Podcasts, or Spotify, and make sure to subscribe wherever you listen.

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