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Deep Breath - "Double Entendre"

Deep Breath. Photo by Oscar Ouk.
Deep Breath is a duo of New York transplants; Sol from Atlanta, Georgia and Fuzon from here in Kansas City, Missouri. According to their Instagram posts, their debut single, "Double Entendre," was a spontaneous creation born the morning after a sleepover. It's not hard to picture the two friends dancing around an LED-lit bedroom, shouting the song into their phone cameras and any nearby mirrors.


Whatever you're expecting this song to sound like, it probably doesn't sound like that. The backing track, though likely produced digitally, uses the sounds of a traditional rock band and floats somewhere between post-punk and new wave pop; downbeat, but not quite gothic. After hooking listeners with a catchy bass line, Sol and Fuzon attack, detailing a series of modern, whirlwind romances with vocals that are often quick and rhythmic, mimicking the instrumental melodies. The duo is unafraid of letting their voices sound unpretty at times and the song's raw, demolike quality only adds to the thrill. Keep an eye on Deep Breath.


Stream "Double Entendre" below.


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