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Jass - Late Night Lullaby

Jass. Photo by @lexiloathesyou.
This new digital single released by Jass last month is only available on SoundCloud and Audiomack, so I'm pretty certain it flew under the radar for some people. This is my attempt to fix that. Late Night Lullaby is made up of two brief tracks that play almost like demos or sketches due to their minimalist arrangements, but what should be noted is that Jass' restraint is one of her best qualities as a singer-songwriter. (That can also be observed on her debut LP, At The Close Of A Decade, which made my local 2020 year-end list.) 


"Stuck Up/ThinkinBoutU" is a medley of an original chorus and the Frank Ocean hit, played with a circular, mid-paced rhythm. Frank Ocean has written numerous classics worth covering at this point, but pulling it off (which Jass has done here) is easier said than done. "Simpin" sees Jass lamenting a partner who's long gone but still taking up precious space in her head. Both of these tracks are a perfect match for the single's album art, which features a photo of an open patio door looking out on a late night skyline. This is music about the longing that occurs when you're left alone in your apartment on a beautiful evening.

Stream the songs below.

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