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Live This Week: May 14 - 20, 2023

The spring touring cycle is in full effect and this week is proof. Shuttlecock has gigs today to kick off and close out the next seven days. Tonight (Sunday) will see Spy and Fentanyl from the Bay Area, Jad from Poland, and The Lousy from Boston demolishing Howdy. Saturday night catch two different Canadian tours crossing paths: Tunic from Manitoba and Life In Vacuum from Toronto. Both have excellent new albums out this year. 


We're also excited to be partnered on include a tour with three-letter-named punk legends from both England and America: GBH and MDC at Encore on Friday night. Also not to be missed on Thursday is a recordBar gig featuring fellow Brits from Hellcat Records signees Grade 2 with Crazy & The Brains, Slaughterhouse, and The Uncouth.


Other acts worth catching this week include Wednesday, Unearth, Agent Orange, Taking Meds, NLE Choppa, The String & Return, The Salvation Choir, Foreign Hands, Omerta, and Irradiated.

Find ticket links, show details, and more gigs below. See beyond this week on our full calendar here.


Shuttlecock presents: Spy w/ Jad, Fentanyl, and The Lousy

May 14 @ Howdy (KC) 

Music at 8pm - $15 (PWYC)

The Salvation Choir

May 14 @ recordBar (KC)




Agent Orange w/ Suzi Moon and Muddy Mo Surf Nationals

May 15 @ recordBar (KC)



Keo & Them w/ Rudy Love Jr., Dalima Kapten, Joel Leoj, and VCMN

May 15 @ Replay Lounge (Lawrence)

6pm - $5 - All Ages



Unearth w/ Upon A Burning Body and 156/Silence

May 16 @ The Bottleneck (Lawrence)




Wednesday w/ Cryogeyser and Flooding

May 17 @recordBar (KC)



Killusonline w/ Internet Dating, Killus, and Dunes Day

May 17 @ Howdy (KC)

8pm - $10 (PWYC) 

VoidDweller w/ Sarkatha, Sarin Reaper, and Ahriman

May 17 @ Farewell (KC)

8pm - $10 (PWYC)


The Amity Affliction w/ Can't Swim and Omerta

May 17 @ The Truman (KC)




Grade 2 w/ Crazy & The Brains, Slaughterhouse, and The Uncouth

May 18 @ recordBar (KC)



NLE Choppa w/ DWalk

May 18 @ Uptown Theater (KC)



The Slackers

May 18 @ Madrid Theatre (KC)



Modal Zork w/ Rosé Perez and God's Computer

May 18 @ Farewell (KC)

$10 (PWYC) - 8pm


Bri Trilla w/ Amira Wang, Muvalicious, Roblo, Sky Callie, Tee Killa, and DJ Wildboy

May 18 @ Prime Bar & Grill (KC) 



Virga w/ 2w33dy and Surfield

May 18 @ Replay Lounge (Lawrence)

6pm - All Ages - $5 

Troubled Minds w/ Perfume USA and Discotek Mama

May 18 @ The Green House (KC)

7pm - $10 (PWYC)


GBH w/ MDC and Niis

May 19 @ Encore (KC)



Taking Meds w/ Bigfatcat and The Blast Monkeys

May 19 @ Farewell (KC)

8pm - $10-15 (PWYC)


Manor Fest - Lawrence Weekend (ft. Ebony Tusks, Heidi Gluck, CS Luxem, Dunes Day, Pale Tongue, Abandoncy + more)

May 19 - 20 @ Multiple venues (Lawrence)



Devin The Dude

May 19 @ The Woodshed (Topeka)



The String & Return w/ Of Tree and Christopher Tolle

May 19 @ recordBar (KC)



No Knock w/ Foil, Jackoffs, and Bobcat

May 19 @ Kessler Park (KC) 

7pm - $10 (PWYC)

Irradiated w/ Skuffed, God's Computer, and Glorykill

May 19 @ Penn Valley Skate Park (KC)


Currents w/ Like Moths To Flames, UnityTX, and Foreign Hands

May 19 @ The Bottleneck (Lawrence)




Shuttlecock presents: Tunic w/ Life In Vacuum, Big Water, and Abandoncy

May 20 @ Howdy (KC)

Music at 8pm - $15 (PWYC)


Manor Fest - Lawrence Weekend (ft. Ebony Tusks, Heidi Gluck, CS Luxem, Dunes Day, Pale Tongue, Abandoncy + more)

May 19 - 20 @ Multiple venues (Lawrence)



Willie Nelson & Family w/ Tracy Lawrence, Gary Allan, and Payton Smith

May 20 @ Azura Amphitheater (Bonner Springs)



Devin The Dude

May 20 @ Lemonad(e) Park (KC)



Remorsefully Numb w/ Dreamist, God Talk, The Blast Monkeys, Pastor Bob & The American Taliban, and Bam & Z

May 20 @ Westport Bowery (KC)

$10 (donation to Free Thought KC) - 7pm


Skating Polly w/ Lord Friday The 13th and The Cavves

May 20 @ Replay Lounge (Lawrence)

10pm - 21+ - $5 

KC Folk Fest (ft. Krystle Warren, Sam Wells, Mac Sauce, Les Izmore & The GOATs + more)

May 20 @ Washington Square Park (KC)

Free - 12pm - All Ages


EMAS presents Intersect & Interdependence

May 20 @ Vulpes Bastille (KC)

$10 (PWYC) - 7pm

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