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Live This Week: April 7 - 13, 2024

Sunami's first visit to the metro is Sunday night at Kublai Khan TX's sold out show at The Granada. Shuttlecock isn't presenting any other shows this week, so choose your own adventure I guess. Don't look directly at the eclipse without proper eyewear.

Other acts worth catching this week include Conflicts, G.U.N., Chappell Roan, Koney, Natalie Prauser, I Threw A Chair, P.H.F., Klusterfux, A.J. Croce, Siilk, and The Public.

Find ticket links, show details, and more gigs below. See beyond this week on our full calendar here.


Kublai Khan TX w/ Sunami, Judiciary, and Momentum

April 7 @ The Granada (Lawrence)




Kaonashi w/ Conflicts, God Talk, Cauterized, and Billy

April 8 @ Westport Bowery (KC)

7pm - $15 (PWYC) - All Ages


Tyler Ramsey w/ Hello Darling

April 8 @ Knuckleheads (KC)



G.U.N. w/ OTS-38 and Internet Dating

April 8 @ Kessler Park (KC)

7pm - $15 (PWYC) - All Ages

Chappell Roan

April 8 @ Madrid Theatre (KC)



Paul Cherry w/ JW Francis and Koney

April 8 @ The Emerald (KC)




Bugsy w/ Protodog, Internet Dating, and Virga

April 9 @ Howdy (KC)

8pm - $10-15 (PWYC) - All Ages 

Ben Abney w/ WT Newton and Natalie Prauser

April 9 @ miniBar (KC)



Taylor Smith w/ Small Birds Of Sound, Van Mertsh, and Blacksmith's Daughter

April 9 @ Replay Lounge (Lawrence)

$5 - All Ages - 6pm



Beach Fossils w/ Nation Of Language

April 10 @ Liberty Hall (Lawrence)




Early Moods w/ Tenant and Stoney-Doom

April 11 @ The Bottleneck (Lawrence)



Pursuit w/ Nekrotisk and God's Computer

April 11 @ Farewell (KC)

8pm - $15 (PWYC) - 21+ unless with parent/legal guardian 


Brian Bulger

April 11 @ Manor Records (KC)

$5 - 6pm - All Ages 

Fritz Hutchison & His Honky Tonk Band w/ Claire Adams

April 11 @ The Ship (KC)




Alina Maira w/ Blanky, 2w33dy, and Internet Dating

April 12 @ Farewell (KC)

8pm - $10 - 21+ unless with parent/legal guardian


The Urge w/ Six Percent

April 12 @ Madrid Theatre (KC)



Keo & Them w/ HXXS, Shvkxir, and Marrice Anthony

April 12 @ Replay Lounge (Lawrence)

10pm - $3 - 21+  

I Threw A Chair w/ Winny Wallet & The Workshop, Off A Beatin Path, and Hexicharmed

April 12 @ Imagine That! (KC)



A.J. Croce

April 13 @ Kauffman Center For Performing Arts (KC)



Slow Hollows w/ P.H.F.

April 13 @ The Bottleneck (Lawrence)


The Public w/ Surfwax and The Moose

April 13 @ Farewell (KC)

8pm - $10 (PWYC) - 21+ unless with parent/legal guardian

TFBUNDY w/ Red Kate and Klusterfux

April 13 @ Replay Lounge (Lawrence)

10pm - $3 - 21+


Dullparty w/ Lake Love, God's Computer, and Puddlenoir

April l3 @ miniBar (KC)


Siilk w/ Discotek Mama and Sleety

April 13 @ Black Chamber DIY (Topeka)

7pm - $10 (PWYC) - All Ages

Hockey Smile w/ Carrie Dairy & The Carrie Dairies, Crash, and Lucky Dragon No. 5

April 13 @ The Old Folx Home (Independence)

7pm - All Ages

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