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An Interview With David Chavez + Youth Pool - "Demo" Stream

Youth Pool at The Sandbox / David on far right (with the hair)
David Chavez has been playing in bands since his high school days, ranging from emo to hardcore. Several bands and an edge break later, his newest project Youth Pool, that he sings and plays guitar for, has just released their demo. The four song release is a throwback to '90's shoegaze, filled with soft-spoken vocals and poppy, glistening guitar hooks. Below is an interview with David about the Youth Pool, his other bands, and YP's excellent merch.

Stream the demo below the interview and be sure to check out the band October 7th at Davey's Uptown with Cloakroom and Bummer (more details on our local show list).


Tell the people about Sad Armour, Breaking The Concept, the high school years.
RIP SAD AMR. It all started there no doubt. Micah and I have been in it together from the start. I believe we got Gage in around the end of 2012 and boom here we all are. Also RIP BTC. I love those guys so much even though I was only the fill in bassist [laughs]. Never forget the KC Indoor show where I had to play a Sad Armour set, a BTC set, and a Backstabber set all back to back. WOOF.

How does a Youth Pool song get written?
Our friend Stoney Jackson usually helps us a little bit, but usually either I or Gage will write a full song and then present later on to Micah who just blasts it up. You can usually tell who writes what song. Gage and I both have our own unique styles when it comes to the guitar id like to think. Micah has that Memphis beat.

What was the recording process for the Youth Pool demo like? Who was involved?
IT TOOK FOREVER. Way too many conflicting schedules and other projects going on, but we finally did it. I would go into detail but nothing exciting happened. I promise. Mega shout out to my boys Tunks and Tony for coming through.

What beverage would you recommend drinking while listening to it?
Bob Marley's Mellow Mood for the newjacks, but for the trueheads I recommend a drink our drummer Micah calls "that Sip Sip."

Better 2007-08 shoegaze reunion band: My Bloody Valentine or Swervedriver?
I actually just saw Swervedriver a couple weeks ago and they were fantastic. Obviously MBV though. An actual GOAT.

Better 2014-15 shoegaze reunion band: Lush or Ride?
I have a soft spot for Lush because I love Miki and Emma, but Ride would probably be more fun to get stoned to if we're all being honest here.

What is it like being in the only band in Kansas City with their own Champion sweatshorts?
Well from the look of those statistics, apparently people just don't know what's up. But then again maybe they do, because we sold 3/4 of the batch before we even had a chance to put them on the table. Youth Pool flexin' hard in 2016.

I hear there were some naming issues, wanna talk some trash?
All I'm going to say is that we have to fight Noiseheads whenever we go back down to Florida.

How important is stage lighting to Youth Pool?
We like to play/write in complete darkness with the exception of a super vibrant violet-blue light that we take everywhere with us. It's everything to me. It completes our live show.

Anything new with Spellbook? How would you compare them to Youth Pool?
I wish. We've been slacking a bit lately. It's also pretty difficult trying to get 5 dudes together with all our work schedules being pretty crazy. How would I compare YP to SB? Spellbook is definitely the slightly older nerdier brother who gets his homework done but doesn't have time to party you know? Youth Pool definitely spends lots of time in detention and throws the coolest ragers in the school.

And Organ Trail vs. Blindside USA?
Organ Trail hardly does anything anymore. All my fault though because I'm so busy. Blindside USA however has seemingly and unexpectedly blown up a bit. We've already released 12 songs, released 2 tapes with a 7" on the way, gone on 3 tours and we haven't even been a band for a year.

Where do you hope Youth Pool is a year from now?
Hopefully NOT in jail. Anything else is chill. We're also putting out an EP with Sunday Drive Records this winter and a split with Astral Records sometime soon after that.

Shoutouts to any pimps out there?
I got a big list so listen up. First off, mad love to all my brothers in SPINE, Blindside USA, Altered Beast, Beta Boys, Clearviews yeah yeah you know. KC is where it's at. BIG S/O's to Yung Floral and his debut album "Memphis Skin", my dog Glacier, Gage and his beer Olympics, The Shawnee hashcab (RIP), Tony Freijat and Tony Studios, Tunk and his Storagemart, Mac Cheemy for being our permanent fill in on bass, Bailey Kopp and her godly drawings, our "band manager" Wilson, our "bodyguard" Ol' Jeffy, IWA and all the Arkansas boys, Texas slammers, Virginia pals, Oklahoma bros, Iowa HC (RIP REMISS), etc, etc.

I have a couple more things to say but I'll probably get myself in trouble, so I'll just shut up right now. Thanks for the interview

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