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The Deacons - "Beat Up The World" EP Stream

Photo by Will Mecca
One of Kansas City hardcore's newest bands isn't new to the scene at all. Its members make up chunks of a handful of bands from the past five years. Vocalist Trae Brown fronted Dirty Work, whose snotty, scrappy style of hardcore punk made its way into basements across America for an astounding three years before ending late last year. At the risk of going on for multiple paragraphs about all the members' backgrounds (you have Discogs for that),  I'm just going to let you know why you need to jam this shit out ASAP.

The Deacons play punk rock with an emphasis on the rock. Their riffs, while sometimes played double the speed of what they did back in the day, are '50's and '60's blue-inspired rock riffs at their core. If the band playing your grandpa's high school prom showed up in leather jackets and started their set by screaming, "Ain't nothing gonna kill my mood," there's a good chance The Deacons figured out how to time travel and were the band he was dancing to. Dirty Work ended just when they were starting to care a bit more about their riffs and melody. That's where The Deacons come in.

Go see them Monday night at 10pm at The Union in Westport and listen to their EP below! Tapes should be available at the show.

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