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Bluehealer - "MMXV Demo" Stream

Bluehealer at The Union (RIP) back in September
Two-thousand-fifteen was a slow year for Kansas City screamo. Most of the bands that made up the semi-happening scene in years past had broken up. Battle Royale, Baitfish, and Regret, The Informer were gone and American Thunder Band (f.k.a. Texas Instruments) weren't too busy. Out of these bleak conditions however, emerged Bluehealer.

The group features members of Bummer, Battle Royale, Lion House, and a few other bands playing brutally loud, technical Midwest skramz. The group just got back from their first short tour and are ready to resume their assault on various Kansas City basements and record stores. Will the band spark more interest in the genre locally? It's too early to tell, but until then, it's something new to chew on.

Stream their tasty new demo below.

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