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Sie Lieben Maschinen - "June Gloom" LP Stream

I'm breaking a small rule I've made for myself here. I do my best to keep my album introductions limited to young local artists. Sie Lieben Maschinen is only one of those things (and here's a hint: they probably have mortgages). Sie Lieben is a post-punk group from Kansas City. Although they often include additional live musicians, they are mainly made up of Josh Newton and Steve Tulipana, who have spent many years rocking locally, including membership of Shiner, Season To Risk, and running the soon-closing recordBar.

On this debut full-length effort the two provide eleven tracks of downbeat post-punk, bolstered by fluid, intriguing songwriting that seems to come quite naturally. If you have half-an-hour and can tolerate some faux-British vocals I think you'll enjoy this one. Stream it below.

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