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Photo Gallery: YBN Nahmir / SuperShaqGonzoe / Legendary Zae at The Granada

YBN Nahmir
Eighteen year-old rapper YBN Nahmir garnered his first hit last year (at the age of 17) with his song "Rubbin' Off The Paint." The Alabama teenager had gone from rapping on Xbox Live to, within a year or so, holding the top song on SoundCloud. Like dozens before him, his first several months in the spotlight brought him to The Granada for a short, no-frills, introductory set. Nahmir's 30 minutes on stage on Friday night started off poorly -- by no fault of his own -- due to problems with his wireless microphone. After a quick swap, he was on his way, busting out half Bay Area, half Atlanta-style trap gun raps.

His rendition of "Rubbin" received a hearty response from the young crowd, but to say that the kids were interested in the entire show would be an overstatement. Even the dozen or so fans that accompanied him on stage for 10 minutes would occasionally peer down at their phones mid-song. The only other highlight was a second performance of Nahmir's most recent single, "Bounce Out With That," which included the young emcee enthusiastically hopping on one foot and pumping his arms to the song's sub-slapping beat.

SuperShaqGonzoe has become a go-to for local support on many Granada rap shows, and for good reason. While he only performed three songs himself, two from his 2016 EP and one unreleased, Shaq proved again that his scientific approach to party rap can provoke nearly any crowd. He's also made a tradition of bringing a full cast of guests along with him. Rory Fresco, Saudi Suite, Rizzo, and XManGuapo all made appearances throughout the set and kept Shaq company on stage.

The evening's first set, courtesy of Lawrence-via-Texas rapper Legendary Zae, was an eventful one, if anything. The danceable and melodic trap music of Zae's 20 minute set wasn't offensive, but it was overshadowed by his hypeman's antics of throwing dollar bills into the crowd and Zae's remarks of "free Tay-K" and "fuck YBN" as he exited the stage.

Full photo gallery here.

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