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Photo Gallery: Bib / Contact Grid / The Unit / Unforgiven Five / Liquid Swords at The Snake Tank

Nathan Ma of Bib
Kansas City's friends from the north, Bib, visited town on Saturday night to link up with Texas pals Contact Grid and The Unit for a gig at The Snake Tank. Bib's set proved yet again to be hardcore chaotic good to the highest degree, and a couple renditions from their latest EP "Mosh Pit" -- namely the highly melodic "Freedom" -- allowed for a bit of variance among their frequent Kansas City performances. The only thing missing was a little more room to mosh. Contact Grid's militant, capital-H-hardcore hit right where it hurts and The Unit's set was far more enjoyable than the band's muddy-sounding demo releases. Two very active local rock groups, Unforgiven Five and Liquid Swords, opened the show.

Full photo gallery here.

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