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Photo Gallery: Jimmy Eat World / The Hotelier / Microwave at The Truman

Jim Adkins of Jimmy Eat World
Emo's initial heyday is shrinking smaller in the rear-view with each passing year, and while interest has shifted to many of the genre's newer acts, Jimmy Eat World has done a respectable job of continuing to build on a solid discography and keeping older fans satisfied. Under four streetlamps -- one at each corner of the stage, a simple and pleasing design choice -- stood the veteran Arizona rock crew, which has kept the same lineup since 1995.

Throughout the band's 25-song set, vocalist/guitarist Jim Adkins flaunted both his charming, boyish tone and the band's knack for penning and performing clean, energetic rock songs, neither of which have eroded one bit in the last two decades. Fans in their late twenties and early thirties banged their heads to the opening riffs of "Futures." Some partners took part in some gentle slow-dancing during the tender "Hear You Me." Many of these same fans sang along to "The Middle" and "Sweetness" at the show's end, but not quite as passionately as the younger heads in attendance who likely hadn't seen the band before. Even if the catharsis has passed for many, the fun in remembering the emotional days of adolescence was still there.

The Hotelier announced that it was their first visit to the area, evidently forgetting about a 2014 show at Art Closet Studios. Vocalist/bassist Christian Holden's melodramatic vocal style meshed well with his band's post-rock-inspired swells and crescendos, creating impactful emo tunes that could easily be used to score a coming-of-age film.

Microwave opened the show with a polished set of emo rock at a laidback pace. Their tone was similar to Jimmy Eat World's earlier material, but songs would often dip into moments of post-hardcore angst when called for.

Full photo gallery here.

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