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Photo Gallery: Pink Thing / Unforgiven Five / Pillow at Kum-N-Go

Lauren Henson of Pink Thing
Denton rockers Pink Thing stopped at Kum-N-Go in mid-May. A dozen or so Kansas Citians saw the band perform at a free day show with Natural Man during Everything Is Not OK Fest this past March and knew what was coming. Pink Thing's downbeat and slightly psychedelic post-punk wasn't quite the pick-me-up that early morning fest-goers needed -- Natural Man provided that -- but this near-midnight basement set was far more on-brand and even more electric, evoking plenty of mid-paced dance moves and grooves.

Unforgiven Five provided the night's most fierce set. Vocalist Libby Zanders isn't one to bust out any zany antics, but her slow stroll across the basement was all she needed to let the punks know that she was in charge. Her band raised all sorts of hell behind her; guitarist Dakota Shipp's signature squirms and frantic hops were plentiful.

The show opened with the first Kansas City set from local group Pillow. Their live debut came a couple weeks before this show when they opened for Halfnoise in Chicago. Pillow's sleek, dreamy indie rock was embellished with bits of shoegaze and post-punk flair and impressed a tough, unfamiliar crowd.

Full photo gallery here.

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