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Live This Week: August 26th - September 1st, 2018

As you may know, we curate a very frequently updated local show list on the site, but if you need a quick look at the week's shows you can just check the homepage on Sunday mornings to see all the best shows laid out nice and tidy for you. Have a good week, see you at the gig!

No gigs for you.
Vincas w/ Microdoser and Ragdoll
August 27th @ Revolution Records (KC)
All Ages - 8pm - $5

Kayak Jones w/ Safe Bet, Kept Calm, and Dodging
August 28th @ Bubba Spins Records & Flop House (Raytown)
7pm - $5

Smokescreens w/ The Molochs and The Whiffs
August 29th @ Voltaire (KC)
18+ - 9pm - $7

Fullbloods w/ Suzannah Johannes and Black Stacey
August 30th @ recordBar (KC)

Ricky Roosevelt w/ Raymond and Tione
August 30th @ Replay Lounge (Lawrence)
10pm - $3 - 21+

Null w/ The Bartender, Cholera, Liberosis, Ragk, Faint Glow, Battalion Of Cloudships, and Bob Bucko Jr. & Alexander Adams
August 30th @ The Skunthouse (Raytown)
Free/Donation - 5pm

Kansas City Noise Fest (ft. Piper Harrow, Bath Consolidated, Earth Piss + more)
August 31st @ Davey's Uptown Ramblers Club (KC)

Bad Gyal
August 31st @ Encore (KC)

Bummer w/ Tongue Party and Devil's Den
August 31st @ Roller Dog (KC)
All Ages - 8pm - $5

Jpino w/ Metaphysic/John E Wink, Amenti, and Johnny Carcaz
August 31st @ Niche (KC)
21+ - Free - 9pm

Shakey Graves w/ Twin Peaks
August 31st @ The Truman (KC)
Bummer w/ Celebration and Chess Club
September 1st @ White Schoolhouse (Lawrence)
8pm - $7 - All Ages

Sister Rat w/ LK Ultra
September 1st @ Mills Record Company (KC)
All Ages - 6pm

The Fey w/ Y God Y and Khrystal
September 1st @ Replay Lounge (Lawrence)
10pm - 21+

The Co Founder w/ Dead Dads Club, Counterculture, and Party Fridge
September 1st @ Parker House (KC)
All Ages - $5 - 7pm

Dreamgirl w/ Toughies
September 1st @ The Meyers Hotel Bar (Tonganoxie)
8pm - $5

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