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Photo Gallery: Soakie / Natural Man / Prüde at Revolution Records

Summer Perlow of Soakie
Originally scheduled to take place at Penn Valley Skate Park, intense heat forced Soakie's June 28 show to the air-conditioned refuge that is Revolution Records. The Melbourne, Australia band played first out of the night's three bands and ripped through a majority of its discography in less than 20 minutes. The group's songs -- much like many popular acts coming out of Mississippi -- poked fun at the macho attitudes within the hardcore punk scene while simultaneously doing the sound justice. The set was capped off with a "dogepile" in which the first rocker to dive in was awarded a free button from the merch table.

On this night, the Ian Teeple and Stephanie Eckermann-led group was known as Natural Man & The Test Pressing Band. The first copies of the group's new 7" -- due out soon on Neck Chop Records -- were for sale while the band soldiered through its set. The heat they'd all just escaped and the string that bassist Dakota Shipp snapped during the set provided superior banter and proved that Natural Man may perform even better under pressure.

Not many stuck around to watch Prüde close out the show, but those that did saw the band continue its hot streak.

Full photo gallery here.

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