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Blackstarkids - "Juno"

Blackstarkids. Video by Ivan Collaco and Manny Madrigal.

"Juno" is the first single off Blackstarkids' upcoming album Puppies Forever. I think what makes it such a fun and engaging track is its happy-sad nature -- the perfect balance of wistful and almost-bitter reflection shown in Gabe and Ty's verses, countered by Deiondre's bouyant, hopeful hook. Maybe I like it so much because I'm in a similar (although much smaller) boat as the trio, living in limbo as the novel coronavirus and the music industry have been sparring over the last 18 months.


"Who needs another thing to be sad about? / Thing to be mad about? / Thing that'll stress you out? / That's why I wanna know if I can take you out / Maybe we can dance around / We can let the pressure out" 


In reality, almost no one needs another thing to be sad about, but the cheerful tone in which Deiondre sings these words acts as a reminder that what is often most important in life, aside from your material conditions, is your attitude and how you choose to spend whatever free time you've earned or been afforded. It's been just less than a year since the group released its Dirty Hit debut, Whatever, Man, but when you're young, time moves fast. I'm more than interested to hear how Ty, Gabe, and Deiondre have changed since this past October. I guess this is coming of age.

Watch the music video below.


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