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SleazyWorld Go - "What They Gone Do To Me?"

SleazyWorld Go. Video shot by Yildi Rios, edited by Dot Wick.
It seems like I'm a tad bit late to the party but, if you're not hip yet, SleazyWorld Go is a Kansas City rapper to keep an eye on (especially, it seems, if he doesn't take a liking to you). "What They Gone Do To Me?" is his latest drop; a reworking of Florida youngster SpotemGottem's hit "BeatBox." It's hard as bricks. Something I appreciate about this moment in street rap (I can't speak beyond the past five to 10 years) is how there never seems to be any friction over remixing someone else's song. These artists know that references to their work creating a buzz only bolsters their own reputation. It's almost reminiscent of all the renowned mid-century rock, blues, country, and folk artists playing each other's songs without a care. Another thing I appreciate is this song's music video, filmed partially in what looks to be an unfinished basement -- an underappreciated element of life in the American Midwest. (Sleazy's 2020 song "Pass Me The Glock" may be my favorite of his that I've heard so far. Go check that one out if you enjoy this one.)

Watch the music video below.

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