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Words and Photos: Sentenced 2 Die / Sarin Reaper at 7th Heaven

Sentenced 2 Die. Photo by Aaron Rhodes.
Date: May 25, 2022

7th Heaven - Kansas City, MO

Even when you run the coolest music blog and book the sickest shows in Kansas City, you run into some bad luck every now and then. Minnesota death metal crew Sentenced 2 Die signed to Maggot Stomp (a label that has been launching bands to subgenre stardom for over three years now) just over a month ago. On their way down to Texas for a run with Left To Rot, the band stopped here for its second 7th Heaven matinee gig. Despite providing another ripping set of songs made for horror movie gore scenes, the early time slot, the Dying Fetus gig in Lawrence that night, and the slow-moving word-of-mouth regarding their imminent success meant another lowkey evening. Third time's a charm though, maybe?

Speaking of bad luck, Sarin Reaper scrambled into the shop after their scheduled start time on account of their singer being the victim of a minor fender bender on the way to the show. Thankfully, the band was intact and managed a brief, ragtag set of blackened crust for the dozen-ish fans in attendance.

[This show was booked and presented by Shuttlecock.]

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