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Photo Gallery: Kombat / Skeleton / AGENT / Nitecrawlers at The Blind Tiger

D.J. Doroheng of Kombat
Monday night's punk show at The Blind Tiger offered looks at several takes on the genre, as well as incoming and outgoing local acts. Washington, D.C. band Kombat played last to a crowd that had been whittled down to mostly members of the evening's bands. Their aggressive, no-frills hardcore punk was filled with unparalleled amounts of East Coast attitude, but the band's dizzying speed offered few moments where listeners could truly latch on and connect with the songs. Skeleton, from Austin, Texas, opened songs with eerie guitar lines and flipped back and forth between pogo-ready punk rock energy and black metal blasts. The band set three sticks of incense ablaze to create some kind of vibe, but that didn't prevent one attendee's head from being sliced open by an airborne piece of glass mid-song. AGENT played one of their final raucous Kansas City sets before singer Devin McKernan moves to Washington. Nitecrawlers opened the show and are still relative newbies, but each performance offers a further look into the band's fuzzed-out and freakish demeanor.

Full photo gallery here.

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