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Photo Gallery: Rays/Warm Bodies/Nitecrawlers at Revolution Records

Kayla Haubenschild of Nitecrawlers
Revolution Records hosted a fairly zany punk show on Thursday night. The show began with the debut of new Kansas City band Nitecrawlers. Fronted by a masked-up Kayla Haubenschild, the group's spooky rock-n-roll tunes pulled inspiration from a variety of seventies West Coast acts. Oakland's Rays -- a band that features members of The World -- stopped in and dished out some real foot-tappers. Many numbers called upon bands like Big Boys. Their friends in Warm Bodies closed the show out with an odd set -- even by their standards. Singer Olivia Gibb had lost her voice the previous day and chose to writhe about the shop's floor in a gown and surgical mask as friend of the band Hannah Carr took over vocal duties. Aside from the minor switch-up, the Bods remained as Warm as ever.

Full photo gallery here.

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