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Photo Gallery: BB Eye/Janitor Scum/Natural Man & The Magiq Flower Band at Middle East

BB Eye
Friday night's show at the Middle East house was punk rock pool party featuring three uniquely odd acts. Natural Man & The Always Changing Names band opened things up, playing their second show of the evening after appearing at the Crossroads Flock Party two hours before. Calgary quartet Janitor Scum performed a massively kinetic set full of twists and turns. One song featured a slide whistle and their banter was decidedly anti-fidget spinner. The evening was closed out by the first Kansas City show from BB Eye -- the new project of Olivia Gibb (Warm Bodies) and Martin Meyer (Lumpy & The Dumpers). Meyer pounded at a xylophone while Gibb handled vocal duties and led a veritable KC-STL supergroup in new wave-ish rock-n-roll weirdness.

Full photo gallery here.

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