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Pick 6 with Nathan Giesecke of Ebony Tusks

Geese (center) with Ebony Tusks at The Riot Room last year
Nathan Giesecke, better known as Geese, is one third of Lawrence, KS hip-hop group Ebony Tusks. Geese helps create the beats, set up the lights, and is the hypeman at every gig. Ebony Tusks have been performing with acts such as Clipping, Shabazz Palaces, and Vince Staples as they come to town and are currently in the early stages of recording their new album only referred to as "HUYNH" so far. Check out Nathan's exclusive SHUTTLECOCK Pick 6 playlist of songs he's been bumping lately and you may be shouting "Nathan is my best friend!" in the near future.

1. "KYBM" by Tunde Olaniran
This track was the first song I heard by Tunde. I ran across this track I believe on NPR’s website promoting an album he put out last year entitled “Transgressor.” I couldn’t believe how talented he was or how much fun the production was. The day after I found it, Daniel, Marty and I were leaving to play a couple of shows out of town and, needless to say, listened to this song probably 40 times while driving around that weekend.

2. "Vice City" (ft. Black Hippy) by Jay Rock
Unbelievable song. Most every song on this list is here because it made an enormous first impression, and this is no exception. Hearing Kendrick’s flow in the hook just grabbed me, and I was incredibly delighted that it continued into the verse, and then into the verses of every rapper on the track.

3. "314" (ft. Night Lovell) by Dylan Brady
Dylan Brady is a cat from St. Louis that I stumbled across online and fell in love with. His production style is super cool; I particularly envy the bass sounds he creates. Night Lovell’s flow hits hard and gets me pumped up.

4. "Come Down" by Anderson .Paak
My roommate and I clicked on “Malibu” one night and couldn’t stop listening. This is my most listened to record right now for sure - it’s smooth, sexy, and locked on repeat.

5. "Supertramp" USA by Frank Leone
I remember hearing this for the first time while hanging out and browsing through a music blog. I spent the next hour listening to Frank Leone’s SoundCloud and tweeting at him about how much I liked his music.

6. "Sync" by Geesace
Yes, I do listen to my own music and I am really proud of this track. This is what I imagine is playing in the background while I smoke blunts on the Millennium Falcon.

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