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The Drippies - "Demo" Stream

The Drippies at Mills Record Company earlier this month
Do you miss when rock-n-roll was dangerous? Were you not alive for when rock-n-roll was dangerous? Either way, The Drippies are here to help you with those nostalgic feelings of yours. Channeling groups like the Dead Boys, The Buzzcocks, and a host of other 1970's rock bands, The Drippies are the most exciting new punk band in Kansas City. Its members are only 19 and 20 but the fact that they can't buy their own beer doesn't stop them from jamming.

All four of these songs feature the catchiest guitar riffs and the snottiest bad boy vocals. Singer Noah Hayes slams and freaks out to his own band's songs when they gig, but who wouldn't if they were fronting this band. The man pumping out those guitar riffs is none other than young musical workhorse Bennett Weaver who we profiled last year for his solo songwriting and his other current punk band Killakee Kat (which is the same members as The Drippies minus Noah behind the mic). As a few of Kansas City's other punk bands begin to disintegrate, it doesn't look like these leather-clad roommates are going anywhere anytime soon (besides on tour).

Listen to the demo below and check out pictures of them playing at the first SHUTTLECOCK Music Showcase.

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