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Young Bull - "Demo" Stream

Out of coffee? Just pop in Young Bull's demo and they'll give you the morning smack in the face that you needed. The college town quintet plays an gnarly mix of rock music, drawing influences from thrash and stoner metal along with a little bit of '90's hardcore so you can two-step to it.

Vocalist Treet Ward's singing style is reminiscent of a young Ozzy Osbourne, but with a little bit of a growl thrown into the mix. The band backs him with grooving bass lines, sick guitar riffs, and a little, but not too much chugging. Over the course of these eight tracks I came to realize that this is the best heavy band out of Lawrence since the demise of Mansion or any of the cool bands that played at The Overlook back in the day.

Stream this bad boy below and let your head bang.

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