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Photo Gallery: Mac Miller at Uptown Theater

Mac Miller
Pittsburgh stoner rap icon Mac Miller has undergone a surprisingly graceful transition over the past few years. Formerly known for being something of a dopey Mickey Mouse character, ridiculed by hip-hop elitists, his newest material has borrowed heavily from the genres of neo-soul and R&B. Miller's "Divine Feminine" tour stopped at Uptown Theater on Tuesday night and allowed for the raspy-voiced rapper-singer to croon several newer, smoother tracks as he stood stationary at the microphone. An elegant mirror, blue sky backdrop, and technicolor light show aided in keeping the show visually stimulating while Miller showcased his new album. The fans that grew up listening to Miller's music and spacing out to it in the back of their high school algebra classes were still rewarded, however, with several throwbacks to the rapper's earlier, more lighthearted mixtape catalog. Miller bounced across the stage on songs like "Loud," a rowdy "Macadelic" track, serving up every line with vigor and employing a hypeman to back him up.  

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