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Photo Gallery: Young Thug/21 Savage at The Midland

Young Thug
After over two years of chart-topping singles and five years in the mixtape game, iconic Atlanta trap rap weirdo Young Thug made his first trip to Kansas City. His regally odd headlining set at The Midland on Monday night included multiple clothing changes, meandering a cappella moments, and a parade of his outlandish hits. Although most fans were unconcerned, there were several moments when Thug performed -- like Lil Uzi Vert -- without utilizing his microphone. The hour and a half headlining set also included multiple extended DJ interludes as Thug changed backstage. The times that Thug did grace the microphone and stage, however, were powerful. Thug's performances of "2 Bitches" and "Check" excited the thousands in attendance, evoking massive sing-alongs. As mainstream hip-hop has quickly continued to evolve, stars like Young Thug, Future, and several of their predecessors remain larger than life with extensive catalogs of hard-hitting hip-hop at their disposal.

Monday night's show was opened by 21 Savage -- an Atlanta rapper making what is arguably the most authentically violent music to hit the charts in 2016. 21 -- who is not afraid to wear his blood gang ties on his sleeves -- hosted the most unruly set to ever hit The Midland stage. The half hour performance began abruptly as Lotto Savage and other members of 21's crew took the stage to perform two songs. Those rappers continued to wander the stage as 21 joined in. Those running the soundboard likely didn't have things completely figured out as 21 began to perform his venomous signature "Red Opps." The song's instrumentals were a nearly-unintelligible mess emitted through the venue's PA, but 21 and his crew's intimidating presence and the universal enjoyment of the song made it an early highlight. Those who looked to 21 in hopes of a calculated, professional live performance were let down. Satisfied though, were those thrilled to witness a rapper who beat the odds of making it out of his neighborhood rap to thousands of fans, hundreds of miles from home.

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