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Live This Week: December 31st, 2017 - January 6th, 2018

As you may know, we curate a very frequently updated local show list on the site, but if you need a quick look at the week's shows you can just check the homepage on Sunday mornings to see all the best shows laid out nice and tidy for you. Have a good week, see you at the gig!

Dumspell w/ Pleather, Cyber Pink, Constant Insult, Warm Bodies, and Mentira
December 31st @ East Wing (KC)
All Ages - 9pm - $7

Ebony Tusks w/ Asterales, Kat King, and Life Coach
December 31st @ Lucia (Lawrence)
9pm - $5 (includes entry to The Granada show) - 21+

Stik Figa w/ JC & The Nuns, The Sluts, La Guerre, and Starchild
December 31st @ The Granada (Lawrence)
9pm - $5 (includes entry to Lucia show) - 21+

Gnarly Davidson w/ Highwesthus, Jonah P. & Ricky Roosevelt, and Stone Grower
December 31st @ Replay Lounge (Lawrence)

Alter (ft. Xanna, Closeqrtrs, Btrfly, Killus, MXMRS, Floraviolet, and Joelle La Roux)
December 31st @ Awful House (KC)
$5 - All Ages - 9:30pm

Star B w/ Jooby Truth and Joy B
December 31st @ Live At 825 (KC)
$10 - 8:25pm

Red Death w/ Division Of Mind, Altered Beast, Contrast, and Devil's Den
January 1st @ Davey's Uptown (KC)
8pm - $10

Grey Eyes w/ Leg Day, Junior Retreat, and Sutphin
January 2nd @ Davey's Uptown (KC)
7pm - $5

Trapper w/ Odd Folks and Hungry Foxes
January 3rd @ The Rino (North KC)
$5 - 18+ - 7pm

Decisions w/ Nitecrawlers and Vertical Burial
January 4th @ Roller Dog (KC)
9pm - Donation - All Ages

Agnostic Front (The Outhouse film after-show)
January 5th @ The Brick (KC)
Tickets (must buy The Outhouse film ticket package)

Nine Lives w/ Octoclod and Full Power (The Outhouse film after-show)
January 5th @ recordBar (KC)
Free with Outhouse screening ticket stub

The Phantastics w/ Hi-Lux and Kemet The Phantom
January 5th @ The Riot Room (KC)

Inner Altar w/ Keef Mountain, Mystery Blood, and Stone Grower
January 6th @ The Riot Room (KC)

Jade Archetype w/ Vedettes and Life Coach
January 6th @ Jazzhaus (Lawrence)
10:30pm - $5

Mike Donovan w/ The Funs and Dead Dads Club
January 6th @ Revolution Records (KC)
All Ages - $5 - 7pm

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