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Photo Gallery: Agnostic Front / Dicklynch at The Brick

Agnostic Front
Kansas City's first big hardcore show of 2018 came about as an after-show. The Outhouse: The Film had been screened at Uptown Theater earlier Friday evening, and punk fans young and old -- but mostly old -- head to The Brick afterwards to hear some of their favorites. The night was headlined by New York hardcore legends Agnostic Front. The group got its start back in 1982, but compared to many of its aging peers, hasn't lost a step. Guitarist Vinnie Stigma hopped around the stage and hammed it up as they played nearly all of their debut LP "Victim In Pain," as well as nineties hit "Gotta Go," raucous covers of Iron Cross' "Crucified" and Ramones "Blitzkrieg Bop," and one or two newer tracks about staying loyal to each other and missing "the old New York" which birthed them. Vocalist Roger Miret's throaty shouts stood strong throughout their set of nearly an hour.

The show was opened with a powerful set from Dicklynch, a tribute to Lawrence legends and fellow Outhouse alums Cocknoose. The tribute was fronted by the late singer's son Treet Ward of Young Bull and churned out a dozen "redneck punk rock" jams including one called "Everybody Needs A Gun."

Full photo gallery here.

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