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Young Mvchetes - "S U R V E I L L A N C E ! ! !" EP Stream

Young Mvchetes
Topeka hip-hop project Young Mvchetes first made its existence known in early 2017 through a series of mysterious tweets and an EP consisting of the most vicious blasts of experimental hip-hop Kansas had heard in a while. Following those initial offerings came a first show, a couple singles, and a summertime EP of ambient music and stories from the LGBTQ community. "The LGBT EP" stood out partially due to Young Mvchetes' level of selflessness in telling the stories of those they deemed relevant, and ultimately human.

Following this heartfelt respite comes their second loud release, if you will, a three track offering with the theme of paranoia. The first two songs on the EP begin with a shrill pinging noise. After a few moments of this on the first song, "TRACK 01 (THEY GOT US ON CAMERA!)," the emcee launches into a dense, lyrical attack on the American surveillance state and raps the ears off of anyone in receiving distance.

The second track, "TRACK 02 (WE'RE ALL FUCKING DEAD!)," exists mainly as a moody ambient piece, but lyrical themes from track one are shouted and effectively enveloped into the mix. As of the release of "S U R V E I L L A N C E ! ! !," Topeka still holds few hopefuls in the fields of pop or gangster rap, but the experimental hip-hop underground is still strong.

Stream or download "S U R V E I L L A N C E ! ! !" below.

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