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Premiere: Young Mvchetes - "Lambs" Stream

Young Mvchetes is a Kansas City area hip-hop project that materialized quite abruptly back in February. A string of mysterious social media posts was made and an eight song EP of subversive, political hip-hop was dropped. Now, after remaining relatively silent over the last couple months, they're back with a new single.

Entitled "Lambs," this new track picks up right where the EP left off. The shrill-voiced rapper that opens the song -- and screams its chorus -- lays out an offensive on conservatives and other non-revolutionary groups. The second half of the song is delivered by a vocalist with a more gravelly tone. This rapper chops his rage into bitesized pieces and spits them up at his verse's end.

"Fuck your master / Burn the chapter / Snatched the captor / Heart shattered."

All the while, lo-fi computerized punk rock beats blare in the background, abbreviated by blasts of feedback. It's almost as if someone taught Public Enemy how to use GarageBand. It's still unclear who Young Mvchetes are, but if they keep releasing songs like this -- wrapped in cathartic critiques of American society -- there will soon be an army of music fans dying to know more.

Stream "Lambs" below.

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