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Hometown Highlights: Radar State, Dub Santana & Tione, Donnell Jackson + more

For the second time in a row, Hometown Highlights is a week late, and for that I am sorry. To make up for it, there's hella songs on here. Hear the first song of a new band of Kansas City emo vets, several hot new hip-hop tracks, some techno, some singer-songwriter stuff, and some real rock-n-roll.

Kye Colors - "House Party"
The fresh prince of the south side is back with the first single of his upcoming mixtape "Milk Is Nasty." With "House Party," Kye Colors has written and produced one of his most impressive tracks yet. The song outlines a joyful night out gone awry in a way that channels nineties g-funk or Bay Area hip-hop with Kye's unique flair still intact.

BB Eye - "Headcheese Heart Throb"
Olivia Gibb's visual work and songwriting in Warm Bodies can certainly be labeled as "weird." If those two things are weird though, her new material in BB Eye is on another level. "Headcheese Heart Throb" is just one of the band's new synthy, off-kilter punk tunes. Other track titles of note on the new EP include "My Clam Is Rotten," "Uncle Fish Wins The Lottery," and, really, all the other songs.

Radar State - "Spinning Wheel"
Radar State is a brand new band made up of members of The Get Up Kids, The Anniversary, and The Architects. Fans have witnessed these bands evolve over the years, but this new track sounds like the early days of each band. It also has a bit of Alkaline Trio energy, which makes sense considering Matt Pryor just completed a lengthy tour alongside Dan Andriano.

Dame - "Stella"
Dame says he's got his groove back -- and we agree. "Stella" is the latest in a series of savvy pop rap tracks from the Grandview rapper. His last single, "2 Girlfriends," completed the monumental task of getting airplay on Hot 103 Jamz without any label backing. We're hoping this one can make it too.

Bath Consolidated - "Procession"
"Procession" is a four minute nuclear apocalypse that's taken the form of a techno song. Noelle Johnson's distorted vocals and hammering drums crush everything in their path and make for the most eardrum-shattering local track you'll hear in a long time.

Phantom Head - "Psychic Dictators"
The Phantom Head gang just got back from yet another DIY rock tour and they've decided to upload their latest tour tape. The band's growling guitars and muddy punk-meets-garage sound take on a nearly-psychedelic quality on "Psychic Dictators" as they close out the tape.

Dead Dads Club - "The Roos"
The always-honest songwriting of Alice Ryan shines bright on "The Roos" -- track five on her new EP "Cupid Talez." A story of a love/hate love is its centerpiece and it's just as charming as any given Dead Dads Club song before it. The recording may still be somewhat lo-fi, but added instrumentation shows Ryan's ability to create more complex compositions.

Hungry Foxes - "Growing Up Sux"
Hanna Albina is back with her first song since January. "Growing Up Sux" tackles loneliness and the other pains of getting older with a minute and 27 seconds of acoustic melancholy. She's yet to release a full project, but Albina continues to build an impressive catalog nonetheless.

City Watts - "Port" (ft. I$AIAH)
When City Watts raps it usually sounds like he's hopping up and down; skipping, even. Watts' bouncy flow and a lively instrumental are all it takes to reel in a listener. The hook on this track ("I hopped off the porch / Then hopped in the Porsche / Went straight to the port") is likely to be stuck in your head the rest of the day too.

Donnell Jackson - "Get To It"
After recently parting ways with Good Colors, Donnell Jackson is preparing to release a new EP called "Feel Good." "Get To It" is its first single and is perhaps Jackson's most refined take on modern R&B yet.

Dub Santana & Tione - "Bounce"
Vivid Zebra rapper Tione and his friend Dub Santana have crafted something special. "Bounce" is equal parts quiet storm R&B and internet trap. This touching tribute to the rear end -- and the act of shaking it -- could probably have an entire strip club start sobbing in seconds.

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