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Hometown Highlights: Rick Maun, Via Luna, Nature Boys + more

Your favorite local music roundup is back? Ours too! Featured below is a KC-Lawrence underground hip-hop connection, the debut single from a former Kansas Citian and singer-songwriter, and loads more. Dig in, find a favorite, and we'll see you Saturday for Shuttlecock's Middle Of The Map showcase.

Dom Chronicles - "Spirit Guide"
Indyground emcee/producer Dom Chronicles is back with a new single off an upcoming project titled "Adventure Mode." "Spirit Guide" is one of Chronicles' most dynamic tracks yet. The song is a carefree anthem for ambitious youths with joints hanging from their lips. The hazy, reflective beat -- made by Chronicles himself -- quickly shifts into one more anxious midway through the song, but eventually shifts back into its original form.

Rick Maun - "Uppercut" (ft. Ricky Roosevelt)
Ricky Roosevelt's skittish flow is front and center on Rick Maun's newest drop from "Anxiety LP." Maun -- who is usually making the beats -- takes a backseat to Vivid Zebra's Alccalh on this dark, jittery underground banger. Maun joins in on the fun after a minute and throws steady punches until his enemies tap out.

Salar Rajabnik - "Ain't Got No Time"
"Ain't Got No Time" is a tale of growing up and pursuing the things that make life worth living. The song is track number one on Salar Rajabnik's solo debut "Black & Whit World" due out next month. The Los Angeles via Kansas City singer-songwriter strums away, channeling a mishmash of seventies rock icons for a memorable, roots-minded introduction.

Via Luna - "All Roads Lead To Buzzard"
Kansas City math rock act Via Luna released its third EP titled "Wilt" at the end of April and that EP opens with "All Roads Lead To Buzzard." The track takes several twists and turns -- as any exceptional math rock track does -- and presumably gives a nod to popular Westport oasis Buzzard Beach.

Nature Boys - "Grave"
One of the longest running Kansas City punk bands is releasing its third full-length. Nature Boys have been dishing out their take on music from punk's earliest days since 2009. "Grave" is a gloomy, post-punk-style cut from "Nature Boys III" that manages to stay fresh throughout its three minute runtime.

Nuworld Kayo - "Sydny August's Interlude" (ft. Sydny August)
Chicago rapper Nuworld Kayo dropped his debut album "Southside Blue Hearts" last month. The release features nine tracks of highly energetic bars from Kayo, but nestled in the center is a track just for vocalist Sydny August. August is a Chicago native and still reps the city heavily, but is currently a student at the University of Kansas. August's interlude is a lush, flowery escape with the sampled warmth of vintage vinyl. It's unclear of whether she'll stick around after graduating, but Kansas City better pray she does.

Iddy Vice - "For Life"
Iddy Vice continues to fly under the radar of Kansas City's hip-hop scene but is still dropping heat on a frequent basis. On "For Life" Vice isn't completely eschewing his heavy grime influences, but does overshadow them with the sounds of hip-hop hotspots like Toronto and Atlanta. The track's hook is just as catchy as standouts on his recent "Christflow" EP and Vice's flow sounds equally steely and effortless.

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