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Photo Gallery: Waynez World 3 - Friday

The inaugural edition of Waynez World 3 fest got rolling Friday afternoon at The Blind Tiger. Early, back-to-back sets from Mace and Q may prove to be some of the best of the whole weekend.

Mace traveled down from Chicago to provide the most "capital H" hardcore set of the day, stomping through 15 minutes of original cuts before ending with "Break Stuff" by Limp Bizkit.

Members of Q and friends quickly decked out the basement in birthday party decor -- streamers hanging from pipes, party hats for the band, and a punch bowl. Singer Austin Roberts smashed the punch bowl in the first seconds of the performance, but the band played with the same chaotic force for the entire set.

Some of the evening's most memorable moments also came from Kansas City bands. Warm Bodies were joined by Martin Meyer on a barely-audible saxophone and Ian Teeple provided a poetic introduction for AGENT.

Friday's show also served as a reunion and first actual hometown show for Black Pope. The band -- a precursor to the better-known Rat Bastard -- only played two shows (not in Kansas City) before calling it quits. The band's original bassist and drummer backed out last minute, so True Newman was joined by two members who had their one and only practice together four hours before the show. The band's crust-indebted punk jams proved they stood the test of time.

Later in the evening, Cleveland sister bands Cruelster and Perverts Again took the stage. The absurdist humor of the two bands evoked as much laughter from festival-goers as they did slam dancing.

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