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Kehlani Concert Review

May 15th, 2017
The Granada - Lawrence, KS
Kehlani. Photo by Nadine Alzubbi.
In support of her debut studio album, Kehlani made played her first Kansas show to a sold-out crowd Monday night. With support from R&B/rap acts Ella Mai and Jahkoy, and her DJ, Noodles, Kehlani and company kept fans dancing all evening long.

Jahkoy opened the show show, wandering back and forth on the stage, singing and rhyming about love and self-sufficiency. Ella Mai followed. Dressed in sweats and a baggy t-shirt, her nonchalant attitude paired with lush pop beats and pleased the eager crowd.

Noodles, Kehlani’s DJ, came out and reset the tone with Drake and Young M.A tracks. The crowd was singing and dancing energetically right up to a smooth transition into Kehlani’s set. The former pop group frontwoman strutted out with two dancers in tow and opened with “Keep On.”

The 18-song set went on with Kehlani’s heartbroken, independent, “Gangsta” touch, with breaks for the singer to level with the crowd about empathy, support for the LGBT community, and a sort of unfortunate wake-up call: Kehlani has been working with various shelters and non-profit donation centers on each of her stops on the SweetSexySavage tour, and Lawrence – the 18th city on the world tour – was the first to show up empty-handed. Not a single donation came from the sold out crowd. So much for Midwest hospitality.

Luckily, Kehlani was still able to leave a message of caring for others. The set finished up with her popular single “CRZY,” for which the singer and her dancers jumped around and doused the crowd with water guns. Despite the mid-show callout of town, fans still seemed to be highly pleased with the night's show.

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