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Photo Gallery: Middle Of The Map 2017 - Friday

Barrel Maker
Middle Of The Map Fest continued on Friday evening. The Riot Room hosted sets from Kansas City beatmaker Lion and rapper Barrel Maker. Lion's bubbling rhythms shook the patio shortly after the sun set. Following Lion's solo set, he was joined on stage by Barrel Maker for a set under the name Lionmaker. The two have been collaborating on music for quite some time now and teased an upcoming release. Maker commanded the small crowd that had gathered on the patio and reaffirmed his love for rapping a cappella after the beats ran out.

Shy Boys performed on the Californos patio Friday evening as well. What would have been a perfectly breezy spring evening for a set from the quiet indie band was compromised by a chatty crowd and muddy-sounding bass and drum amplification. Those who stuck out the set though were rewarded with unreleased songs.

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