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Photo Gallery: Waynez World 3 - Saturday

After a stellar first day, Waynez World 3 fest felt a bit rougher on day two. Two highly anticipated bands scheduled to play -- The Vitamens and Black Panties -- ultimately could not make it. Minneapolis punks The Switch decided to play a day early, Chasm got bumped to Sunday, and Kansas City's Unforgiven 5 made a surprise appearance.

Despite the fluidity of the lineup, several bands still impressed the excitable crowd of rockers that came out on Saturday. Chicago hardcore punks Cohete returned for what will likely have been their final stop in town. California quartet Not Shit also slammed on the gas pedal for a furious set of eighties hardcore throwback. The singer couldn't manage to keep his feet on the ground for a majority of the performance.

The Whiffs whipped out several unreleased songs for their set during what may have been the busiest the basement got for the evening. The aforementioned Unforgiven 5 also got their first chance to  wow some out-of-town friends with their unique seventies rock sound.

The night's climax came with the arrival of New York punks Nancy. The band's guitarist and bassist both donned makeshift superhero costumes emblazoned with giant "N"'s and all-too-visible briefs. The drummer chose a different route, sporting a sailer outfit. The band's catchy throwback jams immediately perked up the tired crowd, spurred countless sing-alongs, and inspired some high-risk (low ceiling) crowdsurfing.

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