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Premiere: Zarin Micheal - "15" (ft. Dame)

It's been a moment since Zarin Micheal took the stage. The young Kansas City rapper has instead spent his winter days immersed in studio work -- as evidenced by video clips posted by his crew. "15" is his latest drop -- a bite-sized track that references the Chiefs' MVP quarterback. It also marks Micheal's first collaboration with Dame, who undergoes a brief, chameleonic shift from his usual, more upbeat self, to fit the song's moody energy.

Says Zarin of the song: "A song I was thinking of for the city. A celebration of our teams and one's individual success in any aspect of life being dealt with at the time. Not only is Pat our MVP, but you or anyone can be an MVP as well, through hard work and a fearless mentality." 

Listen to "15" below. Zarin Micheal's new project, "Fear," is out this spring. A t-shirt collaboration with Avenge coinciding with the release of "15" is available now.

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