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Photo Gallery: Made Urban Apparel Block Party

Unique Sixteen. Photo by Aaron Rhodes.
It wasn't a First Friday, rather a Final Saturday, but Made Urban Apparel's July 28 block party cleverly capitalized on the youth of Kansas City's increased appetite for evening outings in the city's downtown and Crossroads districts this past summer. Teenagers and young adults saturated the sidewalks outside of the local streetwear brand's flagship store as they danced, spilling out into the street and blocking the occasional passing car -- there really aren't that many downtown at 9:30 P.M. Over half a dozen local hip-hop and R&B acts were passed the mic over the course of an hour or so, including 2 or 3 song sets from Kye Colors, Dame, ChrisSWAP and Khari, Unique Sixteen, and others. Some simply provided background noise for the good-natured get-together, while others sent the crowd into a frenzy and shook the cement beneath them.

Full photo gallery here.

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