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Watch: Stary - "Rainy" Music Video Premiere

I don't really know what a liminal space is, but I feel like the Slabs qualify as one. Join lovable, local lo-fi indie rockers Stary there for "Rainy." Drummer Seth Props pops an ollie while Marisa Tejeda (bass) and Adam James (guitar) sing and strum away, serenading a nearby skeleton. Be forewarned, though: the song is a lot less happy than all of these goofy Music Television-style antics.

Stary's self-titled debut EP is available now on Bandcamp and streaming services. The band plays Middle Of The Map Fest today (10/5/19) at The Brick at 10:30 P.M. Stary is also playing our show with Gadget, Gumm, and Luna at 18th Street Union on October 26.

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