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Sippin' On Some Soda: Ep. 10 - It's A Panoramic

This is Sippin' On Some Soda, a podcast hosted by Aaron Rhodes and Kirby Stickler. On each episode we'll be sampling a small handful of sodas we haven't tried before, offering our opinions on them, and among other things, discussing the joy that carbonated beverages bring to the world.

On this episode we tasted Mountain Dew Voodew (2020 mystery flavor), Reading Draft grapefruit citrus, and Hank's pumpkin spice. Also on this episode, Kirby and Aaron discuss election dread, Aaron's Culver's cousins, a great Gunna post, and some historical Mountain Dew variants.


Intro music: It Doesn't Matter by Champ (available on Bandcamp).

The podcast is sponsored by The Vinyl Underground at 7th Heaven, located at 76th & Troost in Kansas City. Visit for more info.

Listen on YouTube, Apple Podcasts, or Spotify, and make sure to subscribe wherever you listen.


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